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Sherry and Seafood Family Dinner With Gonzales Byass Wines and Tom Santaguida

Family Dinners are back!!! I am so excited for this dinner!!! Here at the Vine seafood and sherry are two of our most favorite mediums to play with, and they really do play so well together. When I had the opportunity to host the area representative of Gonzales Byass - one of the most historic Sherry houses in existence, I jumped on it. I knew I wanted to do an entire dinner focused on the amazing diversity and versatility found within the world of sherry and sherry based cocktails. But then, what was I going to cook to pair with all this delicious sherry? Enter Tom Santaguida. Tom Santaguida is our resident lobsterman, artist and philosopher - a regular who has become a good friend of all us. Many of you perhaps already know him. I asked him if he would be interested in supplying all the seafood for this dinner, and he said yes, but then expressed his worry that he would not be able to give me enough different types of seafood to work with. He then proceeded to rattle off a list of 14 different types of seafood that he could likely catch. I’d say that’ll be sufficient! This is going to be a night to remember, a lovely bridge between the dog days of summer and the colder weather ahead. Very limited seating, so do not wait to call. $45/person does not include the cost of drinks or gratuity. I structure the dinners that way to allow the patron some more flexibility in how they want to imbibe. That being said, I will have a few different suggested pairings with each course. We will likely have 3 or 4 courses, served family style. Call the Vine at 207-721-3000 to sign up!

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